Annual Report & Accounts

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has produced a report recommending:

“Annual Reports and Accounts to be posted on a company’s website, rather than produced in print “.

Without question, these details should be posted online as soon as they are available, but they should also continue to be printed out and posted to shareholders who request them.

Partnering with platinum pageflip is the perfect solution

We have a proven track record in pageflip online report and accounts production backed up by traditional hardcopy print services and a tailored web2print solution.

Those lacking internet access, for whatever reason, should not be disenfranchised from the companies they partially own. Many shareholders are elderly and find it easier to work from paper rather than a screen, we can provide a tailored solution in our web2print service for this scenario.

Companies sometimes need to restate their figures to take account of exceptional costs incurred in a particular year, re publishing is simple and much more cost effective this way.

Need advice or guidance on any of the following in regards to pageflip, hard copy print and web2print then please call us

  • Report and accounts printing
  • Financial documents reproduction
  • Digital documents
  • Printed company reports
  • Digital company reports

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